Pitch Licence Agreement

Delayed payment and free 2021 parking fee – partial exchange promotion Understand how to avoid misuse of holiday homes. It is a crime of operating a caravan where caravans are occupied without permission to set up. Read more… Nowhere did I mention on the Parkdean website that the facilities are FREE. Of course, because they are not; they are part of the parking fee. Of the above, I consider parkdean customers to be entitled to a “reduction” in parking fees (note: no full refund). Before entering the license, I was driven by representations on your site, on YouTube and through your sales agent to think that the amount of parking fees I would have to pay would be calculated taking into account: (i) the size and location of the parking space; (ii) security and maintenance costs and (iii) and (ii) what many people tell me that the seller who sold them the parking space told them. Parkdean also has a video on YouTube, which is actually a “buyer`s guide”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHRPrEqK2AM. In the video, there is an explanation of the included pitch fees and the following clear statement is made: “… Parking fees include unlimited use of the facilities and maintenance of the park… 4. All buyers who purchase a holiday home as part of this offer period and must be installed in one of the participating parks do not pay a parking fee for 2020 and 2021 (free parking charges) and will receive an Amazon voucher valued at $500 within 30 days of the closing of the purchase. Please note that the 2020 parking fee, which would be payable without this offer, varies depending on the date of purchase of the holiday home between participating parks.

8. The deadline for this offer is December 12, 2020 or the date on which all selected rentals or locations will be sold, depending on the previous date. I`ve been a Parkdean customer since [date]. In this regard, I occupy a parking space in your [name] park. 9. To avoid doubts, the buyer is responsible for parking charges from 2022 at the current rates for the selected parking space. If a park owner does not have a written contract with their customers, it can be difficult to protect their business in the event of a dispute. If a park owner is unable to provide evidence of the agreed oral conditions, it is likely that a court would rule against them and may decide that the client has protection through some form of lease and not the rights contemplated under a licence.

This could cause difficulties for a park owner if they require a customer to pay the parking fee in the future or to remove them from the park if they violate the terms of the unwritten contract. It is important that you understand and agree on how long your caravan can stay in the square. Will an annual license be long enough? A short-term licence gives the owner little security, and when it comes to a renewal, the park owner can offer to renew it on less favourable terms. If the park owner wants you to replace your caravan with a newer one, when will it happen? You should ask and note on: “The holiday caravan contract is not an agreement to rent them the leave.