Remote Working Agreements

The disadvantages of this approach are that it is not flexible in different situations where teams are remote, on a business trip or working from home. It`s been about four months since we established these team agreements. And in the meantime, we have hired new people for the team. When I went to the team agreement of the newest team members, it was pretty obvious that a number of things were outdated. And since we had just hired new people, I thought it was a good opportunity to review the team agreement to see if we were all still on the same side. Now, I didn`t do that properly after we hired the new people. But instead, I waited about a month, and after the last person was hired before looking at the team agreement. And I thought it was a good idea, because it gives them the opportunity to settle down and see who is who and learn how things work. And I think that gives them a better perspective to give contributions during the verification process. So I found it useful. Of course, we tried to set a date that anyone could do, but it turned out that with nine people and a fairly large bandwidth in the time zone, it just wasn`t possible. So we chose the ones who were there, we recorded the meeting, and the people who couldn`t do it had the opportunity to observe the meeting and give their input to the latest version of the team agreement.

Team agreements lead to better cooperation, as they require an open debate about how individuals wish to cooperate.