State Pool Teacher Agreement Format

The last order of the mission invited teachers to sign the agreement on or before October 20, otherwise their “salary issue must be dealt with after the signing of the agreement.” This clearly shows that teachers will not receive their salaries if they do not sign the agreement. Earlier, on 26 May 2020, the State Office had decided to provide additional benefits to 29,701 auxiliary teachers working as contract teachers in lower and secondary primary schools and to 11,206 assistant teachers who were pool teachers in lower/secondary primary schools under the SSA (Sarba Siksha Abyanhi). The firm`s decision indicated that teachers could continue their service until age 60 without pension benefits. Following the cabinet`s decision, the Ministry of Primary Education issued a statement on July 1, 2020. Subsequently, in August, the SSA gave the teachers of the contract and the state pool the mandate to sign a new agreement. But teachers refuse to sign the new agreement because it will disrupt the continuation of their period of service, which hinders the regularization of their employment. In this regard, Sadou Asom Prathamik TET Uttirno Sikshak Samaj strongly opposed the injunction and asked the SSA to withdraw the order. See also: Watch how cars cross the roads in West Karbi Anglong.