Vendor Commission Agreement

Pay commissions to your business partners under this simple but flexible commission agreement. 1.1 “Affiliate” means a natural or legal person registered and authorised to participate in the PayKickstart affiliate platform, in accordance with the terms of this contract, to promote the products (defined below) by suppliers for commissions based on sales made for the seller. 7.6 In the event of a dispute between related companies regarding credit for a concluded sale, we reserve the right to decide, at our sole discretion, either in coordination with PayKickstart, which of the competing related companies will be credited with the disputed commission. All decisions are final. The seller is considered an independent contractor. This supplier agreement does not create an employer-employee relationship between the customer and the seller and such an agreement is never concluded. 7.1 For each sale of a product that you conclude via the PayKickstart affiliate platform, you may pay a commission to your participating affiliates, provided that you have indicated a commission in the corresponding order form. (For clarity, you can choose not to pay a commission by placing the commission in the order form at “0”). You are solely responsible for paying each affiliate the commissions they have earned under the corresponding order form. You have several options for commissions: (i) immediate commissions paid immediately by PayPal when a sale is made or are automatically withdrawn from affiliates` PayPal account when they are refunded (we use PayPal adaptive payments for this option), and affiliates must approve it by PayPal in their PayKickstart account before accepting Instant Commissions; (ii) deferred commissions that are released to the Affiliate, either manually or automatically, after a pre-selected period (e.g.B. 30 days or after the expiry of the repayment period); and (iii) commissions sent by PayPal; (iv) commissions sent by bank transfer and (v) commissions sent by cheque. WE MAKE NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES AS TO THE POSSIBLE INCOME THEY COULD GENERATE.

The seller undertakes to take out the necessary insurance during the term of the contract and to provide the customer, on request, with proof of this insurance. Seller agrees to comply with all laws and legal requirements of the State [Commission.State]. The cornerstones of this commission agreement are three defined concepts. Seller represents that it has the necessary expertise, knowledge and experience to provide the goods or services described in this Supplier Agreement. PandaTip: This model supplier contract clearly states that the seller is not an employee of the customer and is therefore not entitled to work performance. 20.2 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this document, if we announce this agreement based on our finding that (i) you have breached the essential terms of this agreement or (ii) your marketing practices appear to us to be a violation of FTC rules or other laws or regulations of a supervisory authority, alone or jointly with PayKickstart, you risk losing all the commissions you deserve under this agreement. Seller will provide Customer with the following products or services under the terms of the Supplier Agreement: 7.3 We will make economically reasonable efforts to track the purchase of products that your participating affiliates apply for for the purposes of invoicing commissions we manage. B. On its website (_____ for products sold by the company by visitors linked to the company`s website. The understanding and agreement of the parties is described below.

PandaTip: A indemnification clause is essential for any supplier agreement. 2.2 The supplier`s agreement with related companies. .