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Without limitation of the above, copying or reproducing the Software to another server or place of reproduction or transmission is expressly prohibited, unless otherwise provided in the case of the Software or the express written consent of HotelExecutive in the case of codes or other downloadable documents. Bulk Price – An inseparable rate for a specified number (or block) of space taken for a particular group. How much of your business is profitable? And how much of your business is elusive? Or how much of your business allows you to actually apply income management? Non-viable market segments are reservations that you cannot refuse, even if you could sell on these dates at a higher price, z.B. Last Room Availability (LRA) business contracts, tour operator award, etc. As head of industry strategy for leisure, travel and hospitality activities in JDA Software`s Pricing -Revenue Management division, I often have the opportunity to talk to Revenue Management executives about the tools they use.